The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

app.Kundli.Click is a Cost-Effetive Astrology
Software solution by Kundli.Click

It comes with Multi-Platform Support, available On-the-Go Online and Cost-Effective, Doesnt Require any Heavy Investments, Doesnt Require Installation, Doesnt Depend upon Hardware Requrements and is available to access from any location, any Operating System.

The Details

Make, Save, Search, Analyze Kundlis & Much more

Just @ Rs 500/month

Make Unlimited Kundlis!! AnyWhere... AnyTime... With Very Intuitive and User Friendly Interface, as Fast as Light, Cloud based Hosting Infrastructure.

Multi Platform Accessibility

Our Cloud Astrology Software is a Multi Platform Accessible Platform. You can access your Application from Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet(Tab), Smartphone etc without any additional efforts.just open and Login from the Device Platform, and you are using your Software.

Make Unlimited Kundlis

Our Cloud Astrology Software Provides Unlimited Storage of Kundli Data of your Clients, So that you can Search for their Birth Data Anytime Anywhere on-the-go. Even on your Smartphone. It is as simple as Search → Click → See Kundli, No Huge Efforts.

Multi Operating System Support

Our Cloud Astrology Software is Operating System Independent and hence Multi Operating Systems, infact All OS's having GUI are Supported. You just need a Modern Browser to access the Software. PS: All Major Modern Browsers are FREE to Download and use.

Available Online Anywhere

Need to use Our Cloud Astrology Software in your Office PC using WiFi?? in your Laptop using DataDongle?? in your Home PC using Broadband connection?? in your Smartphone or Tablet using Mobile Data?? There is unlimited possibilities of Accessing app, that too with a Very Low Data Usage.

User Friendly Interface

Our Cloud Astrology Software is designed Very Intuitively and with a User Friendly Interface to give you a Great, Non-intrusive and Distraction Free Interface Experience of using our App. So that you can concentrate & focus only on your work and not on Discovering Features.

Fast As Light

Our Cloud Astrology Software is build with Top class Advanced Technologies in the Market and Hosted on World Class Server with Latest Configurations to provide you Lightening Fast Access & Speed of Application. So Enjoy upto 99.9% ideally uptime of Application.

No Heavy Pricings

Our Cloud Astrology Software is available at very Low Pricings that too on easy Monthly Basis. NO-Heft Amounts to be Paid Upfront for Liscences. Other Traditional Desktop Software Cost you above 25,000 INRs or even sometimes 50,000 INRs also for simple Calculations and some useless features.

No Installation Required

Our Cloud Astrology Software there is NO Need of Heavy MB's of Software to Download or Install and Waste your precious Harddisk Space that too for a Slow performing Software application. No Dependencies, No Conflicting files, No DLLs, No Updates. Everything Automatic and up-to-date.

No Min Hardware Requirement

Unlike Traditional Astrological Softwares, our Cloud Astrology Software doesnt depend upon System Hardware Requirements, it just needs a Modern Internet Browser (top-mosts are available for FREE Download) like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox etc.


What is Main Page??

Login and you will get the Main Page, Which includes the Form for Entering Birth Details Like DOB, TOB & POB. Apart from this you can search from your already saved Kundli Data for Research Purposes.

How Dashboard looks??

Dashboard is a place where all default data for the Generated Kundli is Shown. You can alter the default things from Preferences for default items from Right Preference Menu.

And a Slide Menu??

All the Features that are Not Required frequently, are available under the Hood aka Left Slide Menu. Be it Dashas, Ashtakvargas, Bal Tables, Division Charts & a lot of Things.